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    Our metallic light beige face masks are reusable and fashionable and designed for maximum comfort and protection. 


    The all-new advance Zenano Nanotech Antibacterial Mask is here to provide maximum comfort and protection from various virus particles. The Nanotech Mask offers one of the most effective, stylish, and comfortable masks today. The mask is washable and is reusable for up to 50 times.     

    At Zenano, we bring you the next generation of face masks produced with the patented nanometer polymer material, PTFE, which are both washable and reusable. The materials used in the production is equal in performance to N95 masks to protect against the virus. These uniquely designed nanotech masks offer excellent surface filtration and high efficiency because the nanometer material filters out over 95% of airborne particles.  The mask is incorporated with nanotech antibacterial finish to eliminate bacteria and microorganisms.

    Although non-surgical cloth masks and N95 masks work well to isolate airflow and aerosol when used, they pose some other challenges. The cloth masks and N95 masks can obstruct breathing and trap unwanted odors after some time. This problem does not occur with our Nanotech Antibacterial Mask. Zenano’s integrated four-layer design provides an excellent fit that allows proper airflow while providing you with comfort and the highest available level of protection.

    At Zenano, we are committed to providing a premium product for the safety of your family and our community. Buy our Metallic Beige Face Masks online.





    Filtration Comparison

    Zenano - Nanotech Filter Layer

    Medical Masks - Electrostatic Melt-blown Fabric

    Filtration Principle

    The nanometer polymer material (PTFE) uses nanopore filtration to directly isolate aerosol particles.

    The efficiency of electrostatic attenuation and filtration will be reduced due to reliance on electrostatic adsorption to isolate aerosol particles.

    Filtration Efficiency

    The single layer nano fabric can filter ≥ 95% of airborne particles.

    The single layer melt-blown fabric can filter 95% of airborne particles.

    Effective Moisture Controls

    The filtration efficiency is not affected by moisture.

    The electrostatic adsorption capacity will be reduced with increased moisture.


    The nanometer polymer material (PTFE) only requires one layer to achieve high efficiency filtration more effectively than the multi-layer melt-brown fabrics.

    The single layer melt-blown fabric is sufficient, but in order to achieve high efficiency filtration, more layers will be required and the air permeability will be reduced.

    Alcohol Sterilizable
















    Performance Comparison

    Zenano Mask

    Industrial Mask   (KN/ N series)

    Disposable Medical Mask

    Cotton Mask


    High Efficiency Filtration (N95 Standard)


    Antibacterial Protection




    Sun Protection (UPF ≥ 50)




    Tight Fit Seal



    3D Shaped Contoured Face






    Stabilize Support for Anti-inhalation




    Adjustable Ear Loops



    Adjustable Nose Clip


    Anti-fogging (eyewear)



    Moisture Wicking




    Multi-Size Selection


    Soft Cotton Inner Layer (gentle to the skin)




    Trendy/Stylistic/Fashionable Design



    V Shape Design & Fold Flat



    Multi-color Coatings (Option for Nano metallic)





    Sterilizable, Washable, Reusable



    Nano Coated Polyester Fiber Technology




    Storage Bag




    Note: Standard cotton masks have N95 filtration capability but require pouches for a separate replaceable filter to be inserted.

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