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    Hello, we’re Zenano (Zen + Nano). Why the name? Zen represents the ageless art of an open mind, and Nano refers to today’s advanced micro-technology pushing consumer products forward. Together, they form Zenano, and represent our passion for better living.

    We’re a Boston, Massachusetts-based company founded during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like most, we quickly thought about how it could change culture and community forever. “If people can’t come together, what would society become?” After our brains reeled for a bit, we quickly agreed that developing a more durable face mask that allowed people to do just that - come together - would be our immediate focus. 

    But we don’t plan on stopping here. With the public’s (and our) growing concerns around emissions, air quality, and sustainability, we hope to continue developing products that exemplify Our Mission.   


    We’re a “Collective.” Although this idea was inspired by Justin Situ, the company represents a larger team with a greater purpose - Serving our community by promoting better living. Made up of a dozen or so friends, colleagues, neighbors, and subject matter experts, the Collective’s mission is to utilize everyone’s unique skill set for a greater cause. From branding & design, to packaging & logistics, to research & development, to marketing & sales, the team represents a diverse group of passionate individuals who jumped at the chance to be part of this project. If you’re interested in learning more about Zenano or becoming an Ambassador, please let us know


    Source a safe and effective material, and design a face mask that protects us from COVID-19 and other harmful particles that can impact our overall health. The covering’s versatility was paramount. For us, the right material needed to be washable and reusable many times over, without damaging its integrity. In our research, we discovered that nanofiber technology provides one of the best solutions.



    Over the course of a few months, we partnered with an advanced high-tech company to design, develop, and test our nanotech mask with patented next-generation nanofiber technology until it was one of the best, most innovative, and sustainable products available. 

    The Nanotech Antibacterial Mask is capable of filtering out over 95% of airborne particles while remaining ultra-breathable, sterilizable, washable, reusable, and of course, stylish. See our video here.



    We believe by protecting ourselves - and supporting those who are part of our everyday lives - communities as a whole will thrive. Individual, economic, and collective prosperity can be realized in whatever new normal lies ahead. We hope our products allow us all to live more fulfilled lives.



    Users love our masks’ fashionable designs, color selections, and sustainability, and have been impressed at how comfortable they are to wear all day long. We’re truly passionate about providing a premium product for the safety of your family and our community, and our customers’ reviews continue to let us know that our mission is making an impact.


    Love this mask! Great fit and silky material keeps me comfortable and protected all day. The mask keeps it shape, making it easy for me to breathe, even while I'm cycling. I've washed my mask multiple times and it still looks like new. - Viv on Dec 21, 2020

    Major upgrade from my regular white fabric masks. I love how this mask holds its shape, is easy to wash and dries quickly. The LOVE logo detail is adorable. - Viv on Dec 21, 2020 

    The quality of the masks, attention to detail, filtration levels, and air flow are amazing. I wasn't expecting much for such a reasonable price. I run and lift several times a week and these masks perform much better than the Adidas ones I was using before and seal much better too. The other masks would fog up my sunglasses on runs but this is no longer an issue and I can rest assured by the N95 level of filtration. I love the mask so much that I gave several as gifts for the holidays. I'm excited to order again when more come in stock in the next couple of months to make sure my family has the best protection without compromising comfort or air flow. - Diego on Dec 30, 2020

    We love these masks! We bought Zenano masks for our family, and we liked them so much we bought some more for friends and other family members. They're super comfortable, and they fit very nicely. I really appreciate that they're washable reusable. These masks are so much better than other masks that are more like clothing and don't seem to protect as much. I bought mostly black masks, but I am ready to try purple next! :)  - Allison F. on Dec 31, 2020

    I am 88 years old and the Zenano Mask keeps me safe. It ensures that I can continue to have my quiet beautiful morning walks in the Boston Public Garden. - Sally Kennedy on Jan 06, 2021 

    The Zenano mask is comfortable to wear, offers top quality filtration, looks great, and is reusable. I love the lanyard accessory. The Zenano mask keeps me safe during the pandemic. - Susan Kennedy on Jan 06, 2021

    I have bought many reusable masks on Amazon or other websites that were either too tight around the ears or hard to breathe. This is an excellent reusable mask that's also comfortable. Glad I purchased it and the color is unique too! -Jessica Z on Jan 08, 2021

    I've tried many different masks since the start of the pandemic. If you're looking for a good quality and durable mask then this is for you! I have no complaints and it's definitely worth the money. - David Zou on Jan 08, 2021

    Absolutely love this mask! Breathable. Washable. Reusable. Super-Comfy. Stylish Metallic Finish! But most important consideration is the Protection! - Cheng on Jan 08, 2021

    Great quality mask with sleek designs and materials, love that they are washable and reusable. The only problem for me is that if I wear the mask tightly on my face more than 10 min, my ears hurt. If I loosen the straps, the mask slides down from my nose when I talk or move. I wish it can fit better and more comfortable to wear. - MW on Jan 08, 2021

    Zenanon mask is a wonderful mask not just because fits perfect and having a fashionable look but it is 100% safe! - Josias Monteiro on Jan 08, 2021

    I received my order very fast and in excellent condition. These masks are very well made, light weight and gorgeous. It's very comfortable to wear with UV protection. I'm more than pleased with this order, thank you! - S. Huang on Jan 09, 2021

    This mask is extremely comfortable and fits over my face well. These are quality masks that are soft and lightweight. I would definitely recommend these masks and plan on buying more. - Hailey on Jan 09, 2021

    I love my new Zenano Mask! It’s comfortable, cute and reassuring to know that I am well protected while wearing it. Thank you!! Highly recommend. - Katelyn on Jan 09, 2021

     Excellent mask, not only sleek but very comfortable even worn for a long period of the day. The materials are of high quality and soft to the skin. The mask offers a great level of protection and giving me greater confidence wearing the mask in general public. -Stephanie Wells on Jan 10, 2021

    The reality is if we ever hope to end this pandemic we all need to stay home. Unfortunately, staying at home is not always possible and to go out without endangering our family a good mask is critical. Over the past year we've tried dozens of different reusable masks and invariably been disappointed. When dealing with items intended to protect you and your family from a deadly virus "disappointed" could have terrible consequences. With the Zenano I am delighted to have finally found a mask I don't even have to think about. Once on, I no longer have to adjust it or constantly refit it. The added space means even when talking the mask stays securely and well fitted on my face. I love how it folds flat and the bag it came with has made it possible to keep it clean and ready when I am not wearing it. Outstanding product, fantastic company giving me peace of mind in these challenging times.... and that alone is a remarkable thing. - Nathaniel Mulcahy on Jan 10, 2021

    I’m 73 and I’ve tried to be extremely cautious during this pandemic. Finding a comfortable and well fitting mask, not to mention how long lasting they are, have made this a wonderful choice. Great product for us seniors. - Joan Luciano on Jan 10, 2021

    This is a great mask! It fits better than any other mask I've used. It's comfortable, breathable and I don't have problems with my glasses getting fogged. The technology it incorporates also provides the best protection of any masks I've used. This is what I'm using from now on! - Joe Simmons on Jan 11, 2021 

    3D Memory Nose-foam give more space for my Asian nose breath better than any other masks I had. Lots of compliments from my friends because the style. Washable, Reusable are Plus. Will buy some as gift to my family. -Lily Wang on Jan 11, 2021

    I am writing a review of the Zenano mask. I am using the Satin black model. It is very comfortable to wear all day and I don't feel like I have been wearing a mask all day. The mask is snug and seals around my face with room in between my face and the inner portion of the mask. It's great that I can wash and clean the mask versus just throwing away others. Definitely recommending to all my friends and family. - Allan on Jan 11, 2021 

    Love this fashion, super light-weight and shimmering finish mask. The quality of this mask is unbelievable. It looks great and molds to my face really well. Most important-great protection! - Karida Wells on Jan 11, 2021 

    These Zenano masks are very comfortable and look good too. -Ken on Jan 12, 2021

    Love love love these fantastic masks! They’re stylish, breathable, comfortable, soft and well made! Can't wait till they come out with more variety of colors/patterns! - Megan W. on Jan 13, 2021

    This mask is made of quality material and is very comfortable on your face. What I like about it is that it fits securely on your face (no gaps to let air in). Another bonus is that my glasses do not fog while wearing it. YAY! The multiple layers def help protect you a lot more too. I highly recommend purchasing one! -  Liz Guptill on Jan 14, 2021

    Impressed! This is the first mask I've purchased that feels as good as it looks. The fit is secure, yet incredibly comfortable. I very much appreciate the subtle bowed design which provides extra breathing room at my nose and mouth, as well as the ability to form the top around my nose and have it stay snug. The design is far beyond other masks that are simply slapping fabric across your face. These are clearly and intentionally designed for us humans. Best of all, I'm confident protection is at the core with the multiple layers designed to provide maximum blocking and filtering. I'll be ordering more! - Michael Wood on Jan 14, 2021

    I am a realtor and I probably spend 3-4 days out running around and show properties to my clients with a mask on my face. I tried a number of disposable and fabric masks over months, but none of them are as comfortable and breathable as the Zenano's. And I have also received so many compliments on the style of the mask. It's a little pricier than some, but it's worth every penny for sure. - Jean Tse on Jan 14, 2021

    This mask is great. It is comfortable both under regular use and under strained physical use. It is easily washable and keep in tact so you can keep it clean and reuse it over and over again. It helps to know it keeps you safe better than a regular cloth mask!! - DK on Jan 14, 2021

    I really love this brand and product! The mask serves its purpose to help protect us during COVID19 and also it help us protect us from the cold breezy weather. The whole collection is a great gift for your family and friends. I highly recommended to everyone who is seeking a high quality mask like this one. - Donna Li on Jan 14, 2021

    So nice to be able to order by size. This mask fits perfectly, is very well made and has kept me safe. - Helen on Jan 18, 2021

    I am in love with Zenano mask. High quality, affordable price and the most important factor is very comfortable. I wear Zenano mask every day at work to keep me safe. - Selina Huang on Jan 18, 2021

    I wish I could find this mask earlier for my family and myself. Excellent quality and high level of protection. It's adjustable ear loops give me comfortable feeling all day long. Also, it is very easy to clean and dry. I will order more for my family. - Jun Guan on Jan 18, 2021

    After wearing and disposing hundreds of low quality masks since the start of the pandemic, the Zenano mask was a life saver to say the very least! The mask had the most perfect fit on my face, super breathable YET secure, and they looked great. I can't recommend it enough! - James Park on Jan 26, 2021